Vienna Trolleys!

Trolley on the #18 line in Vienna, Austria. When I teach in Austria, it's at the Fast Lane office near Gasometer City. Gasometer is a stop on the U3 "Orange" Metro line that runs (more-or-less) east-west across Vienna.

On Sunday, I wanted to go to the Austrian Army History Museum (sorry, no English website), so I took the U3 to the Schlachthausgasse stop. This metro stop is the end of the line for the #18 trolley, which took me to two blocks from the museum. Trolley rolling stock in Vienna is an interesting mix of older and more modern, like this train.

The other interesting feature about this particular street is the separate track area for street rail. While we have our neutral grounds in New Orleans, the Viennese built their "neutral ground" off to the side. Auto drivers still have to look behind them when making a left turn, though.

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