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In addition, for the first time there is an editor for “Voices on the game” for Football Manager 07. On the other hand, we are (still) experiencing a reduction to the biological in football. Refined with your club logo and sponsorships, our warm-up jerseys ensure a real professional appearance in front of the game game. Advanced surveillance methods and sensitized security staff also ensure that overt racism is avoided as much as possible. After the break, the Austrians came on strong, but Turek again proved insurmountable. Normally a lawn is used as a floor covering, less often on a hard court (tennis surface)., but increasingly played on artificial turf. They wanted to see themselves as a political nation and not an ethnically based community. In 1938 it became the first Greek stadium to have floodlights, and 20 years later, in 1958, discount football kits it became the first stadium in the country a lawn surface. The stadium opened at 8:00 a.m. At around 7 p.m., Rimet congratulated the German team and handed over the World Cup named after him to the German captain Fritz Walter. The team then took a lap of honor. Their team took the lead with a penalty in the 59th minute and it took until the 73rd minute before Bierhoff, who had been substituted four minutes earlier, equalized. With goals in the 39th minute and shortly after half-time, where English goalkeeper Gil Merrick looked quite unhappy, the South Americans took a 3-1 lead.

Two minutes later, Czibor made it 2-0 after a back pass from Werner Kohlmeyer, before Max Morlock reduced the deficit in the 10th minute. The Hungarians were already leading 2-0, but they had to accept the 2-2 draw in regular time. This was achieved again in the following season. Six minutes before the end of regular time, winger Helmut Rahn picked up a half-heartedly blocked cross and moved from approx. For Uruguay, this game was the end of an era. Juan Hohberg's equalizer six minutes later brought Uruguay back into the game. After just under five minutes, Carlos Borges was able to take advantage of the confusion in the English defense and make it 1-0. After a weak start on both sides, Schäfer made it 1-0 for Germany. Germany had to compete with the strong Yugoslavs and was considered an outsider. Then a defensive battle began against the incessantly attacking Yugoslavs. After a second place in the group, they were able to prevail in the round of 16 against Schalke 04 with an overall score of 4:3.

The favorites Hungary also came dangerously in front of the German goal several times in the second half. As expected, Hungary's supposed changing of the guard from reigning world champions Uruguay took place in the second semi-final game. Hungary 1949 Hungary – Uruguay Uruguay 4:2 n. On July 3, 1954, the dethroned world champions Uruguay and the Austrian team met. The team then spread out in front of the stands and celebrated their World Cup win with the spectators. A counterattack in the 85th minute even made it 2-0 through Helmut Rahn and the German team's surprising entry into the semi-finals. The German attacking efforts did not subside and Helmut Rahn equalized in the 18th minute after a corner from Fritz Walter and a mistake by the Hungarian goalkeeper Grosics. The Brits, who fought hard but were disappointing in terms of play, managed to get close again through Tom Finney, but after Javier Ambrois made it 4-2 in the 79th minute, the match was decided in favor of the reigning world champions. With the defeat, the chance for third place was lost. On July 16, 1976, SAFA was expelled again after South Africa had been suspended in 1964 because of its racial policy. Shortly afterwards, a second goal from Puskás was disallowed due to an alleged offside position.

Despite injury, Ferenc Puskás gave the Hungarians the lead in the sixth minute after a rebounded Kocsis shot. The German team took the lead over time. On the morning of July 5th, the team set off from Spiez in a special red rail car with the inscription “Football World Champions 1954” and drove via Schaffhausen, Singen and Konstanz along Lake Constance to Lindau. The celebration continued later in the evening in the team headquarters in Spiez, the myth of the Spirit of Spiez arose. The world champions were celebrated on the way, and the train had to stop again and again for congratulations. The World Cup title is the only one so far in which a world champion only played against teams from his own continent during the tournament. After the majority of the players who had become world champions in 1950 also played at the 1954 World Cup finals, the tournament in Switzerland ended the international careers of most of them. The squad of the German team coached by Sepp Herberger included a total of 22 players, 18 of whom took part in the tournament. When English referee William Ling blew the final whistle, the Hungarian team had lost their first game since 1952. The outgoing FIFA President Jules Rimet, who has been in office since 1921, his successor Rodolphe William Seeldrayers, the Swiss Federal President Rodolphe Rubattel and the head of the organizing committee, Ernst Thommen, took the podium.