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The football jerseys from FLYERALARM sports are available in every color combination imaginable. We hope you have fun with the new jerseys – whether during training, in a sports club or for the fans. Football is global culture. Right-wing extremism and racism have equally established themselves in the ranks, even though there are now many left-wing fans and fan initiatives, and not just at FC. It's only worrying if play and seriousness are confused, and that would be nothing new in football and not surprising, especially in this day and age. The highest-scoring game in the Westphalia Gauliga was a 13-4 win against then promoted team VfL Altenbögge in the 1941/42 season. Such a position is rarely well received by the football crowd. The majority of council colleagues from the other parties supported the multi-million dollar aid package – from the critics' point of view, a purely populist decision. At the moment, no one needs to call Antifa when black, red and gold flags fly out of the window or someone writes Germany on their forehead. It seems particularly important to mark boundaries when no one knows who is standing where, the player of the other color also plays on their own team and the opponent can only be identified by their jersey. The cover photo shows the German football team's jersey number 25, the number of the German-African national player Patrick Owomoyela.

On the World Cup planner – only available in the Google cache – there is no picture of Owomoyela and no jersey with the number 25, the NPD explains, surprisingly in view of the picture, and has lodged a complaint against the house search. In fistball, shirt numbers are limited to numbers 1-20 at national and international levels. St. Pauli. Something is also happening at the international level: the cross-border initiative "Football against Racism in Europe" (FARE) was supported by the European Commission and the European football association UEFA against discrimination. At the national level, however, there is a growing and exaggerated nationalism, which is why the political scientist Thomas Grumke aptly spoke of “globalized anti-globalists.” Perhaps the question should not be raised as to what could be positive about such patriotism, but rather how negatively it might have an impact? The sport of football does not remain unaffected by such useful formulations. The difference between the real West and its idealized self-portrait and the demands it places on others could hardly be greater. His coaching staff included assistant coach Joachim Löw, goalkeeping coach Andreas Köpke and team manager Oliver Bierhoff.

People of Iranian origin in particular correspond to the prototype of a “foreigner” who will not only be particularly welcome in the NPD, but also in a no-go area. But the right also wants to express solidarity with a foreign World Cup. "We are looking forward to Iran," announced the Saxon regional association of the NPD. On June 21st, football shirt printing the right-wingers want to welcome the Iranian national team to their game in Leipzig under the official World Cup motto "The world is a guest of friends." The country is therefore dependent on “foreigners who are useful to us”. Entry and residence conditions for immigrants in the Federal Republic have been tightened in recent decades, and at the same time there are calls that the country needs more migration to compensate for industry-specific skills shortages and to close the demographic gap. And for a long time there hasn't been as much Germany and football as there is now, the half-time pizza between the halves of the game, the black, red and gold mohawk on the motorcycle helmet, and the Germany condom can only be a matter of time.

Anti-Semitic and racist flags and slogans, primarily against colored players (Will the football world be guests of friends?) have repeatedly caused a stir in the stadiums, but have now also become somewhat habitual. Over the last few weeks, posters with Asamoah's portrait and racist slogans appeared in Halle and Pritzwalk. This flexible handling was also shown at the World Cup by the example of the NPD, which suddenly wanted to join the action from the right side of the field and tried to welcome the Iranian team at the airport while chanting slogans such as “Solidarity with Iran”. Seven other jersey suppliers are: Nike (for Australia, Brazil, England, France, Greece, Croatia, Netherlands, Portugal, South Korea, USA), Puma (for Algeria, Chile, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Italy, Cameroon, Switzerland, Uruguay), Burrda (for Belgium), Joma (for Honduras), Lotto (for Costa Rica), Marathon (for Ecuador) and Uhlsport (for Iran). The Fédération Internationale et Européenne de Football Féminin (FIEFF) organized the first two tournaments: the Coppa del Mondo in Italy from July 7th to 16th, 1970 with seven participants (in Bari, Genoa, Bologna and Salerno with a 2-0 final victory of Denmark against Italy; other participants were Mexico, England, Switzerland and Austria as well as the Federal Republic of Germany, for which SC 07 Bad Neuenahr played) and in 1971 in Mexico the Mundial with six teams.

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