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Trainingsanzug“I think he’s football. This is how football came to the Armenian SSR and quickly became a popular sport among boys and men (playing football was considered extremely unfeminine). A few months earlier, Eintracht Braunschweig was the first Bundesliga team to fill its coffers with advertising on cotton chests. Some of the star players from the 1960s matured under him, such as Sepp Puschnig, Gerd Schager, Gerhard "Flury" Felfernig (the first Villacher to play for the KAC), Walter Possarnig and Anton Kenda. Other well-known footballers of that period or who are referred to as Serbia's first footballers are Milorad Maksimović, Petar Mirković, Velizar Mitrović, Andra Nikolić and Dragoljub Borisavljević. There were also four other DFB referees, but they were only used as linesmen. After not a single player was shown a red card at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, four players were sent off in the first final round in 1974. The majority of the matches were not sold out, meaning that a ticket could be purchased at the stadium box office before the individual games began. The referees appointed in the individual matches were only determined by the FIFA Referees Commission one or two days before each game, which was intended to protect the referee team from possible influences.

Fußball. Each participating association received travel expenses for 25 people as well as 3,000 marks for accommodation and food, starting four days before their first game and ending two days after their last game. In the first of the two semi-final games, Germany took the lead against Brazil after eleven minutes through Thomas Müller after a corner kick from Toni Kroos. Although the record of the participating "football developing countries" Zaire, Australia and Haiti was still disappointing with one draw, eight defeats and 2:33 goals, the election of the Brazilian João Havelange as FIFA's first non-European president was marked in the run-up to the World Cup set the course for the future. The game between Australia and Chile was attended by just 16,000 spectators. At the last, meaningless game against Argentina, although 53,000 tickets were sold, only around 20,000 spectators came to the stadium. Furthermore, the World Cup fell during a phase of bad weather and most of the stadium seats were not yet covered, there were numerous neutral spectators from the host country because many games were not attractive enough to attend despite the uncertain weather. The next major income items were 18 million marks from television fees and 20 million marks from perimeter advertising in the stadiums. In front of the stadiums themselves, whose stands were monitored with cameras, random body searches were carried out for the first time in order to prevent the introduction of offensive objects.

The sum was self-financing, so that unlike the construction of the stadiums – for which the public budget raised around 238 million DM – the organization of the major event itself did not require any financing from taxes. During the game itself, there were images from five camera positions: two lead cameras in the middle of the side, one camera behind the goals and one camera near the coaches' benches. After the preliminary round she lived in a sports school near Duisburg and before the final day in Grünwald near Munich. The German team was accommodated at the Malente Sports School (Schleswig-Holstein) four weeks before the start of the World Cup. The 34 chosen ones met a week before the opening game in Frankfurt am Main, where they stayed together in the Esso Motor Hotel. Although large parts of the stands were not roofed at the time and the spectator seats offered were mainly in the standing stands, the West German stadiums were among the most modern in the world at the time.

Trainingsanzug In total, the 38 final round games in the nine stadiums were watched by around 1.77 million spectators. The costs for the technical effort of the transmissions amounted to around 22 million marks, part of which was passed on to the affiliated foreign television companies at cost price through the rental of television studios or the facilities for speaker stations. On the other hand, teams from economically more developed countries, England and France, were missing; instead, two teams from economically weak countries, Haiti and Zaire, took part. The preliminary round of the 1994 World Cup in the USA was strange: after two (1-0) wins against Morocco and the Netherlands, the Belgian team lost the last game against Saudi Arabia (0-1) and only found themselves on the Third place in the preliminary round again. The young team – the average age was 23 years – started furiously with a 6-1 win over Hamborn 07. A successful preliminary round was followed by setbacks in the second half, including an 0-8 defeat at eventual champions Alemannia Aachen. However, since a threat could not be ruled out despite the security measures, Federal President Gustav Heinemann's armored Mercedes-Benz 600 was immediately followed by a mobile operating theater when he visited the opening game. The interested observer is gripped with horror at the thought of what might lie ahead for us. Arminen Amos Pieper and Arne Maier then played an active role in helping the German team win the U21 European Championship.

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