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The game was developed from 2001 to FM 06 by the German EA Sports development studio in Cologne, and from 2004 partly in Canada. In the second game, the German women knew how to convince and beat Italy with goals from the recovered Birgit Prinz (11th), Conny Pohlers (18th), Steffi Jones (55th) and Anja Mittag (74th, follow-up from a hand penalty). 4:0. With a 3-0 win against France in the last group game, the DFB team moved into the semi-finals as first in the table and with nine points and 8-0 goals as the best team in the preliminary round. The German team secured their fourth title with goals from Sandra Minnert (23rd minute) and Birgit Prinz (50th minute). After a double strike from Inka Grings and Renate Lingor, the Norwegians were able to reduce the score to 1:2 through Dagny Mellgren shortly before half-time, before FIFA World Player of the Year Birgit Prinz made it 3-1 with her goal. The German team scored late goals through Inka Grings (72nd minute), Renate Lingor (77th, penalty kick) and Sandra Minnert (83rd). Due to France's defeat and Norway's victory, the Scandinavians overtook the French. The German team quickly overcame the surprise team from Finland with three early goals from Inka Grings (2) and Conny Pohlers and confidently qualified for the final in Blackburn.

Goals only came in extra time. In the second semi-final between Norway and the slightly favored Swedes, there was an exchange of blows that lasted until extra time, which the Norwegians won with Solveig Gulbrandsen's winning goal in the 109th minute. He led the team to two double victories in 1930 and 1931 and four Copa del Rey victories between 1930 and 1933. During this time, FC Barcelona suffered its worst defeat of all time, 12-1. The live broadcast during the incident also met with criticism, as the cameras zoomed several times between the Danish players, who formed a visual barrier around Eriksen and the rescue workers. The sports broadcaster was the official television partner of the tournament and produced the moving images with eleven cameras per game. At the first World Cup in 1930, the game for third place was not played. The European Championship finals matches were played in five stadiums in five different cities in North West England. England, as hosts, automatically took part. The broadcast rights from England were too expensive for the public television broadcasters ARD and ZDF. The club consists of several football teams, such as the first and second men's teams, the juniors and seniors, as well as a referee department.

With 18 draws, shirt cheap the club achieved a new second division record. The FCA has a new supplier, Mizuno. None of these countries had ever hosted a European Women's Football Championship. The first game of the German women's national soccer team ended 1-0 against Norway in front of 1,500 spectators. The game was characterized by great tension with an average level of play. For the first time, two countries hosted together. Seven countries had announced their interest in hosting the 2017 European Championships. Seven women's national teams qualified for the 2005 tournament. Denmark, which led the group until the final third matchday and started the tournament with great ambitions, was eliminated after the preliminary round due to a defeat against the surprise team Finland. The tournament brought the station unusually high ratings. The two broadcasters wanted to prepare for the Confederations Cup, which was widely reported. After the end of the game, experts were heard and the games analyzed on a BBC digital channel. British television BBC broadcast all games live, most of them in prime time. Blackburn: 31,367 spectators attended the games at Ewood Park, the home stadium of Blackburn Rovers.

However, the 2005 Women's European Football Championship matches could be watched live on Eurosport. In Europe, basketball jersey numbers were long limited to numbers 4 to 15 so that referees could easily indicate player numbers with a hand signal. Tracksuits are practical when warming up – or when it is very cold outside or indoors. In the 1-1 draw in the opening game against the Spaniards, the Squadra Azzurra impressed above all with a strong defensive performance. In the semi-finals there was a 3-4 defeat against Italy in a dramatic game, the so-called game of the century. Defending champion Germany won the final against Italy 2-0 and became European champions for the fourth time after 1989, 1991 and 1995. Denmark Denmark – Italy Italy 2:1 n. The final took place in front of only 2221 spectators in Oslo and was officiated by referee Gitte Lyngo-Nielsen from Denmark. Defending champion Germany won the final against Norway 3-1 and became European champions for the sixth time after 1989, 1991, 1995, 1997 and 2001 and for the fourth time in a row.