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The following quote from a related press release also makes it clear where the journey is headed: “Who should still be enthusiastic about German football when it is already a reality that there was not a single German player on the field at an Energie Cottbus home game? On May 2, 2022, UEFA announced that Portugal would take Russia's place. In the following two years, Portugal was consistently represented in the top ten places. The top scorer was Spaniard Fernando Torres, who became the first player to score in two European Championship finals with three tournament goals. As a consequence of the Saltillo affair, national coach Torres was fired after the World Cup and the players involved in the boycott were excluded from the qualifiers for the 1988 European Championship. ↑ Christian Eichler: Suárez excluded from the World Cup. ↑ Filip van der Elst, Maarten Verdoodt: Ganzenvijver Ukkel. The best Belgian footballers were mostly defensive players: Eric Gerets, Leo Clijsters, Georges Grün, Philippe Albert, Franky Van Der Elst, Vincent Kompany or the goalkeepers Jean-Marie Pfaff and Michel Preud'homme. Since 1906, the goalkeeper has been forbidden to leave the goal line during a penalty kick, although he has been allowed to move around to irritate the shooter.

Goalkeeper for the EC KAC and the Austrian national team in the late seventies to the early nineties. If there was a draw after extra time, there was a replay one day (1934) or two to five days (1938) later. "Saunogel" remained the club's unofficial name until 1969. Football is global culture. Right-wing extremism and racism have equally established themselves in the ranks, even if there are now many left-wing fans and fan initiatives, and not just at FC. This Bundesliga season also saw the first penalties imposed on clubs for the improper behavior of their fans. This takes up the fight against that “vulgar racism”, or rather: against those right-wing ultra groups. The party has been trying to increase its influence among right-wing football fans for a long time. Not without success. The Lübsche Jugend attached great importance to the statement that it was not founded by the NPD, but that it had many NPD members in its ranks. Germany has qualified directly as defending champion or host five times and has not suffered an away defeat in 14 World Cup qualifying tournaments and has scored the most points per game (2.56 in 102 games based on the three-point rule, as of October 11, 2021). The first of three home defeats so far came against Portugal in October 1985. And for a long time there hasn't been as much Germany and football as there is now, the half-time pizza between the halves of the game, the black, red and gold mohawk on the motorcycle helmet, and the Germany condom can only be a matter of time.

And it hasn't been as easy as it is now for a long time to speak out loud about Germany without immediately raising suspicion and getting involved in a discussion about Germany's coming to terms with its past. Incidentally, the jersey has its origins at the beginning of the 19th century, when more and more sports clubs were founded thanks to the movement of sports father Jahn. The Belgian Football Association organized its first official competition (Coupe de Championnat) in 1895/96. Defending champions Brazil came fourth, the 1970 runners-up (Italy) were eliminated in the first round. On June 10th, the first day after the start of the World Cup, the NPD wants to demonstrate in the World Cup city of Gelsenkirchen. The NPD's move comes as no surprise. "We are looking forward to Iran," announced the Saxon regional association of the NPD. On June 21st, the right-wingers want to welcome the Iranian national team to their game in Leipzig under the official World Cup motto "The world is a guest of friends." This flexible handling was also shown at the World Cup by the example of the NPD, which suddenly wanted to join the action from the right side of the field and tried to welcome the Iranian team at the airport while chanting slogans such as “Solidarity with Iran”. Anti-Semitic and racist flags and slogans, primarily against colored players (Will the football world be guests of friends?) have repeatedly caused a stir in the stadiums, but have now also become somewhat habitual.

At the moment, no one needs to call Antifa when black, red and gold flags fly out of the window or someone writes Germany on their forehead. He is the first player not born in Germany to make 100 international appearances for the German national team. For a real national team! For the 2006 World Cup, Paule, the German team's own mascot modeled on the DFB eagle, was introduced. Things are going well with the German team at the moment, it's no wonder that they can laugh a little bit, be in good spirits and be hospitable. The cover photo shows the German football team's jersey number 25, the number of the German-African national player Patrick Owomoyela. The NPD accuses the DFB and Owomoyela of “racist euphoria” and “paranoia”. In 2006, the DFB hosted the men's World Cup in the country for the second time since 1974. The DFB must now take a clear position." Now there is a four-week basis for legitimation. Several thousand brochures that the NPD created for the World Cup were confiscated. In addition to the NPD, the non-party Free Comrades are also planning actions for the World Cup, some with, some without NPD. Last Thursday the headquarters of the neo-Nazi NPD was once again the target of a police raid.

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