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FIFA chose the venue on August 13, 1936 at its congress in Berlin. Since Juventus Turin withdrew from the planned appeal to civil court at the end of August, Serie A and Serie B games were able to resume regularly, albeit two weeks late. Nevertheless, at the end of the World Cup, the organizers had a considerable amount left over, with four million francs on the expenditure side compared to almost six million francs in income in the final balance sheet. When comparing the information provided by the respective football associations, it should be noted that many of them differentiate between the games against Germany and West Germany (e.g. FA and KNVB) or include their games against the GDR in their record against Germany (e.g. B. FEMEXFUT). With three dismissals in the first game between Brazil and Czechoslovakia, the Hungarian from Hertzka was the sole record holder for a long time. However, Uruguay became world champions for the second time, defeating Brazil in the decisive final game of the final group. Brazil 1889 Brazil – Czechoslovakia 1920 Czechoslovakia 1:1 n.

Czechoslovakia 1920 Czechoslovakia – Netherlands Netherlands 3:0 n. His Germanic name is unknown, which is why there was speculation about historical parallels to the dragon slayer Siegfried from the Nibelungenlied. In addition, the sale of television rights, the 2006 World Cup ticket allocation and the leasing of buildings are said to have been improper. However, photographs of the only game played in Le Havre clearly show that the venue was the Stade Municipal. The venue in Lyon was planned for the canceled game between Sweden and Austria. For Le Havre, FIFA names the Stade de la Cavée Verte as the venue. World Cup logo and, together with FIFA, a postcard designed by the illustrator Joe Bridge for sale as a souvenir. The French postal service also issued a 1.75 franc stamp and the state railway company SNCF displayed posters with the match dates in its train stations. Two examples from 2008 and 2009 show how great the influence of fans is on the club's work. At the beginning of March 2008, a modernized club logo was published, which added the word "Arminia" to the previous one. The football game became more and more popular in the coming years The Upper Silesian, who also played for the German national team in later years, became the first player to achieve this at a World Cup.

It was the first World Cup after World War II (1939-1945). Thirteen teams took part after several associations canceled. His team qualified for the 2008 European Championship earlier than any other team before, but suffered their first competitive defeat after successful qualification. Since then, there have been no replays at the World Cup. Only Düsseldorf is added as a venue, which was not used in 2006. However, in 2006, FIFA credited Brazil's second goal in the replay against Czechoslovakia, originally attributed to Leônidas, to Roberto. Brazil's fourth goal by Carlos Alberto was again set up by Pelé. ↑ Benjamin Heinrich: Poulsen overtakes Lewandowski: second fastest goal in European Championship history! ↑ Rio's ex-governor admits buying votes. ↑ The first four games took place against the English national amateur football team and are not counted by the FA, see the FA website. Argentina was originally seeded when it was not yet known that this team would not play in the elimination game against Cuba, see Football Week of March 8, 1938, page 11. After the forfeiture, Cuba qualified without a fight and "took over" the drawn opponent Romania. Cuba Cuba – Romania Kingdom of Romania 3:3 n. ↑ Football History – Games: FIFA World Cup Uruguay 1930 – Final.

↑ Spelmoment uit de wedstrijd tegen Czechoslovakia. ↑ Football World Cup in Montevideo. The final round of the 1938 Football World Cup (French Coupe du Monde) was the third edition of the most important tournament for national football teams and took place in France from June 4th to 19th, jersey shirt 1938. The final round of the 1950 Football World Cup (Portuguese Copa do Mundo FIFA) was the fourth edition of the most important tournament for national football teams and was played from June 24th to June 16th. Held in Brazil in July 1950. The World Cup matches were played in ten stadiums in ten different French cities. Like its predecessor, the 1938 World Cup was played in a knockout system. Victor Sinet: Coupe du monde 1938. La coupe du monde oubliée. On the other hand, almost 58,500 visitors saw France's defeat against Italy, discount football kits and over 45,000 attended the final. Another milestone in the club's history was its participation in the final of the UEFA Cup in 1977. On the way there, the team eliminated two top European clubs, FC Barcelona and AC Milan. The fourth World Cup was initially planned for 1942 in accordance with the four-year cycle, but was postponed due to the Second World War. ↑ Until 1958, there were playoffs after the group phase if there was a tie. ↑ from the World Cup premiere leaves Europeans cold.